Special Quadrilateral Clean Up

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Students will be able to define special quadrilaterals, triangles, and circles terms.

Big Idea

By looking at examples and non-examples of parts of circles, students will write their own definitions.

Clean Up Special Quadrilaterals Definitions

15 minutes

Notes: Circles Vocabulary

15 minutes

Since this is an Introduction to Geometry unit, students need to know basic circles vocabulary.  I gives notes on the following terms:

  • Circle, radius, diameter
  • Congruent circles, concentric circles
  • Arc of a circle, endpoints
  • Semicircle, minor arc, major arc
  • Central angle, arc measure

After students write these definitions and draw sketches to match, I pass out examples and non-examples of chords, diameters, and tangents.  I ask students to write a good definition for each term.  I call on student volunteers to read their group's definition for each of these terms and make edits if necessary.