Radical Accident Reconstruction Roll Out!

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SWBAT assess a real situation involving radical equations.

Big Idea

Setting the stage for CRASHED CARS and Accident Reconstruction - Algebra II style!

Roll Out Entry Document

15 minutes

I have rolled out this entry document in a lot of different ways with my students.  The first year that I did it, I took them outside into the back parking lot of our school building.  The students did not know what was going on at the time, but once we opened up the back door a cop car sped around the corner with its lights on.  At first my students were in shock as to what was happening, but when the officer pulled up and distributed the entry documents to the kids they quickly realized that the situation was really a part of math class. Needless to say, they thought that this was really cool!  As the teacher, I was pleased to see that I had 100% student engagement on this one!  It was the first time a police officer had ever delivered their assignment to them.

This year, however, I am going to provide the students with the entry document in advance.  I am doing this so that we can best utilize the police officer during his time with us.  Each year, the officer and I tweak this activity to make it even better.  Although providing the students with the entry document early eliminates a lot of the drama of kicking the unit off, I have found that the students will actually better utilize the accident reconstructionist to solve the problem if they have their questions prepared in advance, and have already analyzed the problem prior to viewing the recreated accident scene.  

I highly encourage you to reach out to your local law enforcement to see if they would like to be involved in your classroom!  Each area has an accident reconstructionist, and these guys/gals are passionate about what they do.  Plus, they can often bring in pictures and stories for the kids that emphasize the importance of being responsible behind the wheel of a vehicle.  They truly learn so much more than how to solve a radical equation, although there is plenty of that mixed in too!



25 minutes

Know's/N2K's Video Narrative

Whole Class Know's/N2K's

Following individual Know's/N2K's I like to generate a class list at the board.  This helps the students to fill in any gaps that they missed, and also to see how other people approached the problem.  Many times, students will suggest a N2K that is really a "Know" - other students will politely point out the information in the entry document making it a great enactment of MP3. 

This is an excellent time to document any N2K's that the students are overlooking, so that you can reshape the project next year in a way that draws these details more to the forefront.  I commonly take these to discussions with other teachers to see if they can help me make the project an even better experience for my kids.  Many times in these instances, non-math teachers offer the best feedback because they are looking at the problem through a similar lens as the students are!

Tomorrow's Expectations with the Guest Accident Reconstructionist

5 minutes