Beginning of the Year (BOY) Assessment

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To determine a benchmark starting point for every student in the district in 7th grade.

Big Idea

I need to know what my students already know about the standards we will cover this year.


3 minutes

Today the class will take the Beginning of the Year Assessment (BOY) that is required by the district. The assessment is desgined to measure student mastery of the  standards that will be covered in 7th grade. Our launch for today will be to simply say "Good Morning" and find out if anyone has any questions. They will take the assessment in "testing mode", which means all students face the same direction, there are study carrels placed between students sitting at the same table, two pencils at each seat, and a claculator can be used. Once I distribute the assessments, I will read the administration directions.


35 minutes

The BOY assessment is designed to determine students' level of mastery over the standards covered in 7th grade. Students are given as much time as necesary to complete the assessment. Students who need more than one class period will be able to finish tomorrow. When they finish the assessment, just as when they take the Ohio Achievement Assessment in the Spring, when they finish, they are allowed to read or put their heads down. I will collect the assessments as students finish.

Though the BOY assessment is designed to be taken as an online assessment, technology restrictions require that the assessment be given in paper/pencil format-similar to the state assessment.


2 minutes

As students finish the assessment, they will raise their hands and I will collect them. Until the period is over, students will remain silent and either read silently or put their heads down and wait. When the class period is over, I will collect any remaining assessments and dismiss students to their next class.