Creating Student Accounts

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SWBAT join my class period virtually every night using

Big Idea

How connected are your students outside of the classroom? What if you could get students talking about math from home using technology?


10 minutes


 Allow students 5 minutes to use a marker and place a star next to all the expectations on the posters that are most important for successful synergizing as a class.  Spend another 5 minutes discussing the starred expectations and decide which ones will make the poster and student contracts that we will all sign.  I will type up the student expectations and we will have a signing party (Like the Constitution) and post them in the room.  I will also hand out small copies for the data notebooks.  

Beginning the New Activity

30 minutes

We will use the laptop computers today to create accounts.  Before I allow students to use computers I fully explain my expectations.  When using during class, all conversations should be school appropriate and math content only.  If students are trying to be goofy or have non –math related conversations then computers will be taken and disciplinary action to follow.  Outside of the classroom, all conversations should be school appropriate.  If students want to have conversations outside of math that are clean and school appropriate then that is fine when they are “on their own time.”


Students go to the website,, and create usernames and passwords for themselves.  It is important that students have some notebook or agenda book to record usernames and passwords. Once students create accounts then all they need in order to join your class is the class code generated in your teacher account.  Once students create an account  they can join any teacher’s class by simply adding the class code to their account. 


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Wrapping Up the Lesson

10 minutes

Discuss class jobs and their importance to working together to have a good team.  I cannot be the only person with responsibilities to the group.  If we are going to function successfully as a team then everyone must have responsibilities to benefit the team.  I will pass out job descriptions and job applications.  Quickly, I will highlight some of the job descriptions.  Students are to take this home and complete the application as homework.