Developing the Public Victory

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SWBAT set expectations for themselves and everyone in the class as far as behavior during collaborative work.

Big Idea

I am the manager of my classroom but not a dictator. Students work best when they have responsibility for developing the expectations.


10 minutes

Allow students time to put ideas from their Put Public Victory homework (from Setting Good Habits lesson) on posters hanging in the room.  Then hold a short discussion on main ideas noted on each poster.


Beginning the New Activity

30 minutes

Use the PowerPoint and video clips to lead a discussion on teaching style and working together.  It is important to set clear expectations of your students and their expectations of you.  You need to be explicit that your goal is to develop problem solvers so don’t expect sit and get lectures.  They also need to understand that you will not give “yes/no” feedback.  You will be asking thinking questions when they need feedback but not direct instructions or yes you are correct and no you aren’t.  When a student asks me if he/she is correct, I respond with “Why do you think you are correct? Explain it to me.”  I want students to always be thinking and explaining their thinking (MP3)


Then use the activities on think win-win and synergize to discuss talking one at a time and listening critically to each other without the need to be right.  The point of the water bottle activity is to discuss how many more ideas we could come up with when we worked together.  I usually put many of these ideas on the board and discuss how they created uses I didn’t even think about.  Students have strengths and ideas that are even beyond me sometimes and I want to encourage that, not be afraid of their brilliance.  

Wrapping Up the Lesson

10 minutes

Talk about habit seven "sharpening the saw."  I plan to build in sharping the saw each day with some class fun.  I have a 1/4 scale model of an NBA basketball goal ($25 on amazon or in Target) hanging in my room and I plan to select up to 5 students at the end of each class period who demonstrated private and/or public victory and allow the to shoot free throws.  I will keep a class score sheet using poster paper in the front of the room for the Great Blue Team Shoot Out. The score for each day will be recorded as a ratio of hits to attempts and averaged at the end of each week in order to be fair (keeps operations with fractions fresh as averaging involves adding fractions and then dividing with fractions – even better when you change the number of shooters each day).  Keep score all quarter and then reward the winning class during common quarterly exams at the end of each nine weeks.  I will probably bring in cupcakes from Sam's.