Assessment Data

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SWBAT take a diagnostic and progress monitoring assessment to begin the year with a baseline score.

Big Idea

Formative assessment data is important for teachers and students to monitor progress and set goals.


5 minutes

Open by explaining that Star testing is used to track student progress towards being either on or above grade level.  The test is designed to increase the level of difficulty during the test as students show mastery.  Eventually the test should reach a grade level that students can no longer master and that is the cut off for the student.  It is important to do your best and track your time, understanding that after 3 minutes the question will move on and count a wrong answer.  No calculator is allowed. 


The Star test is a part of the Renaissance Learning group of assessments and our district pays for each child to have a license and access to the assessment resources.  We rely heavily on this for enrichment and remediation services.  Other districts use a similar assessment called Measure of Accademic Progress (MAP).  



Implementing the Assessment

40 minutes

The test is simple to administer using a computer.  Students have personalized login information and using only scrap paper they enter their responses to multiple choice questions.  I will spend this time helping students with usernames and passwords.  

Closing the Assessment

5 minutes

The assessment will take the entire class period.  The only closure today is trainning students to place laptops on the cart correctly and plug them in every time they are used.

Using Assessment Data

We use the results of the assessment to determine skills students have mastered, areas of intervention, on grade level status, and progress monitoring.  I have an assessment-tracking sheet, which students will keep in their data notebook to track their Star test scores as well as other important benchmark test scores.  Recording these scores is part of the self-evaluation process students are guided through in our school.  


Data Notebooks Explained Video