Second Day of School

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SWBAT read and discuss the course syllabus with their parents.

Big Idea

Information day! Getting to know the students will help when I need to make assignments, groups, or phone calls home.

Bellringer - Important Papers

20 minutes

I will have longer today to meet with students so I can introduce myself and this course.  I will start by passing out a seating chart and asking students to sign their names as they are in their permanent seats with their permanent partner – at least for a week or two.  I also plan to pass out the coarse syllabus this morning and discuss the important parts such as coarse topics, grading, homework, math binders to leave in class and folders for a data notebook, use, and Better Lesson work.  I want to explain their participation in the Better Lesson project and pass out permission forms.  

Getting To Know Each Other

10 minutes

Next, I want some information on my students.  I will pass out index cards and ask students to answer the following questions:




Do you have internet access at home?_________________________________


What are your activities and hobbies?______________________________


How do you feel about math?_____________________________________


What is your favorite way to learn new ideas?_____________________


What leadership qualities do you possess?____________________________


Wrapping Up Introductions

10 minutes

I will pass out small bags with three items in them for each partnership to look through and choose one item each.  Students must choose one item and then explain how that item describes something about him/her personally or academically.  I will give students about 5 minutes to talk in partnerships and then use the other 5 minutes of class to share out with the entire group what was chosen and how it helps describe us personally or academically.