First Day of School

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SWBAT locate a partner and temporary seat to begin the school year.

Big Idea

Students will use animal puzzle piece to find seat partners without even speaking a word!

Ice Breaker

5 minutes

There is barely enough time to say hello today.  Basically, I plan to pass out puzzle pieces as students enter the room.  The puzzle pieces are animals and one parent animal piece matches to one baby animal piece.  After students enter the room, I will announce all parent animals are to come to the front of the room.  Everyone in the whole class should take one last good look at their animal and then hide the piece.  The parent animals have to go out into the classroom and find their baby by calling for them.  If a parent is a duck, then he/she much quack at different baby animals (students).  The baby animals respond with their appropriate sound.  Parents search until they find the baby that makes the same noise back, such as quacking.  Those two students sit together and put their puzzle together.  Once the students have grouped together and are sitting together I will remind them to sit in the same seat tomorrow.  That is all there will be time for today.