Creating Algebraically; Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate understanding of creating algebraically by successfully completing the assessment.

Big Idea

Teamwork is the name of the game for this assessment. Students collaborate to strut their stuff and show you what they know.

Ready, Set...

5 minutes

My students already know that this assessment will be a team challenge problem, so they're ready at the beginning of class for me to use popsicle sticks to randomly sort them into partners.  They also know where all the supplies/materials they might need are, like graph paper, rulers and calculators.  My video explains why I chose to make this a team assessment and how I know my students really get it if I'm not assessing them individually.  If you have a large class or don't feel that a team assessment works for you and/or your students you can still use the challenge for individual students but have each student just complete one of the two problems. 


50 minutes

I distribute the Assessment Challenge after assigning partners and while my students are working I walk around giving encouragement and redirection as needed.  I tell them when there are five minutes left so they have time to wrap up their work.