Creating Algebraically Review Stations

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SWBAT demonstrate understanding of creating algebraically by successfully completing the review.

Big Idea

Shuffle your students and keep them engaged as they move through stations to review unit content

Set the Stage

5 minutes

I have my students rotating through stations to review today.  To do this, I have them number off by fours and then assign a one, two three and four to each station.  I explain that the ones will always rotate one to the left, the twos will rotate two to the left, the threes will rotate one to the right and the fours will rotate two to the right.  It sounds confusing at first, but most kids pick it up pretty quickly and they enjoy the shuffling.  They work at each station for about 8-9 minutes then rotate to another station.  Because they don't all rotate the same way each time, they get to work with different people at each station. (MP1, MP2, MP4) While they're working I walk around offering encouragement and redirection as needed.  My review video  explains why I chose this review style for this unit.

Put it into Action

45 minutes

You will need copies of the Review Stations handouts and yesterday's student-created games for this review.  My students are working in teams and rotating through five different activitie (stations) today to review the unit material. (MP1, MP2, MP4, MP6)Each station covers different content and/or skills and also uses different math practices.  Station #1 has students creating equations to model real-world problems using MP2. Station #2 has students creating systems of equations and/or inequalities to describe the constraints of a problem using MP4.  Station #3 has students graphing systems of equalities and inequalities using MP6.  Station #4 has students solving linear systems and evaluating the viability of their solutions using MP1. Finally, Station #5 has students playing the games they created in yesterday's lesson and I'm sure MP3 will come up during those games.  While they're working I walk around offering encouragement and redirection as needed.  I want to maximize the time they have reviewing so I don't do a separate closing piece for this lesson other than telling my students that the assessment will be a team challenge rather than an individual free response or multiple choice exam.  I explain that I will assign partners randomly at the beginning of the exam.