Complex Numbers Review

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SWBAT demonstrate understanding of complex numbers by participating in a class review.

Big Idea

Students help design their own review outline focusing on what they need to study instead of cramming on everything!

Set the Stage

5 minutes

Because complex numbers are fairly abstract for students to understand I let today be mostly a whole-class review, with individual students taking/organizing their own notes.  I begin by advising my students to get any handouts or notes they already have ready, as well as graphic organizers and/or lined paper for notetaking.  Some students find a Venn diagram or the "Bubbles" graphic organizer helpful for sorting out the components of complex numbers.  I remind them that this review is their opportunity to have any remaining questions or confusion addressed before they get to show their stuff on the assessment.  I also tell them that the assessment will be individual and will be in standardized test format  - that is, multiple choice questions. My video explains why I feel it's important to let my students know what to expect.

Put it into Action

45 minutes

I spend the majority of this class period walking my students through each of the lessons we've covered, answering questions and and working through example problems as needed. I generally start by putting one or two examples of complex numbers on the board and challenge my students to identify the real and imaginary components and simply if possible. (MP1) I continue through all the lessons we've covered in this unit, challenging my students and encouraging those who can't quite meet a specific challenge to add that to his/her review notes. I've created a copy of the Complex Number Review Outline I use except that I will add notes to the outline that are specific for this year's students as I teach this unit .  I don't give this directly to my students because I think it's important for them to determine what things they need more help with and which things they understand. I also remind them about the complex numbers educreations video that they can access to help with their review. 




Wrap it Up

5 minutes

I wrap up this review by asking my students to write any remaining questions or concerns on a notecard which I promise to have ready to return by the end of the day.  This gives them a bit of additional reassurance that they have my support if they need it.