Multiply and Divide Monomials-Jigsaw Day 2 of 2

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SWBAT multiply a polynomial expression by a monomial expression. SWBAT divide a polynomial expression by a monomial expression.

Big Idea

A jigsaw activity helps students to learn about multiplying and dividing polynomials through cooperation and sharing.


10 minutes

Students will get back into their expert groups to plan their mini-lesson (MP1).  Students can work together to choose or make examples to show during their presentation.  They can also take time to rehearse the presentation within their expert group (MP3).  Encourage students to choose several examples to show their classmates so that they can see a range of different types of questions.

Cooperative Practice

15 minutes

Students should be assigned to a new group of four students.  There should be one student from each of the four expert groups.  Students will have about 4 minutes each to "teach" their concept to the rest of the group (MP3). The other students who are learning the concept should have paper or a mini-whiteboard to write on.  The student who is presenting should also have a whiteboard to write on so that they can show their examples to the other members of the group.  Encourage the students in each group to ask questions if they are not understanding what the presenter is saying.

Ideally, the two presentations dealing with monomials should go first and the two presentations dealing with polynomials second.  This way students can see how the concept is developed and extended (MP2). While students are making their presentations, move around the room to listen to how various students are explaining the concepts.  Keep in mind students who make very thorough presentations as they could serve as tutors in future lessons.



10 minutes

Once the four presentations are complete, students will have an opportunity to check their understanding by completing the monomials_practice.  The questions on this practice are grouped so that students can make a connection between the group of 3 questions and the other 3 presentations that they heard.  If time permits, you could give the answers and have students grade their own papers to assess their understanding of the content.  

While students are working, encourage them to ask questions of their group.  Chances are, students will be very prepared to answer 3 of the questions and may still feel slightly confused about others.  As these questions emerge the expert on that particular section can step in and help.  Remind students that they should be guiding and not telling their classmates how to solve the exercises.  They need to be helping the other members of their group to find the answer by asking good questions.


5 minutes

Students should take the last part of class to fill out the feedback form for the other three members of their group (MP3).  Students should give themselves a score on their own topic as well.  Students need to be told that the scores on the feedback forms will be kept private so they should grade honestly.  When filling out the form, take into account how difficult the practice was that they just completed.  If they had many questions in a particular section then that may be a reflection of how that section was taught.  

Encourage students to write down meaningful comments that will help their classmate improve.  These comments may be compiled and given to each student if deemed appropriate.