Second Day's Work

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SW review the classroom handbook and learn more about the community in our classroom.

Big Idea

Students will get to know the classroom environment and how to succeed within that environment.


5 minutes

To launch the class today we will start with introductions. I will introduce all of the students using  the adjectives they gave in yesterday's activity First Day of School Lesson). I will also ask for volunteers to try to introduce the class using the adjectives.

If there are any autobiography quizzes ready for me to take, I will collect two and take them in front of the class using the document camera.

I will ask if there are any questions about the information we covered the day before. I want my students to always feel comfortable asking questions. If there are no questions, I will offer some questions to the students like, "Do you know where your next class is?" or "What is the Dominion 5 for Pride?" My goal is for students to be at ease and ready to participate when they come to class.


25 minutes

The next thing I want to do is go over the classroom handbook with students. The handbook outlines the procedures for the classroom. I will read through each section with students and answer questions about each section. It has proven important to go through possible scenarios with students and how to handle those situations. For example, what to do when a student has been absent is a question that always arises. We will also talk about expectations-what students can expect from me and what I expect from them. This discussion helps to establish the tone for the class. We work together, we learn together!


5 minutes

Exit Ticket

Students will receive their first exit ticket to leave class today. I will explain to them that the exit ticket is like a thermometer for me. It tells me how they're doing, what they know, and it can be used to tell me how they are feeling. I need my students to know that it is okay for them to write messages to me on the exit ticket if they need or want to. It is personal communication between us. While I may occasionally share something written on a ticket with the class, it is always anonymous. If a response is used, I always copy it into my handwriting so that nobody knows who the author is. The goal for the exit ticket is to take their temperature and diagnose treatment for any issues, problems, or concerns. I will also tell them they can write how wonderfully awesome they think their teacher is and that will never, ever count against them!

Prompt: Tell me one thing you learned about me or the class that you thought was interesting. If nothing was interesting to you, lie to me. It will make me feel better :-)!