First Day of School

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SWB introduced to me and to our classroom.

Big Idea

Students will know how the classroom and our learning will work this year.


5 minutes
  • POD

The first day of school is usually a very hectic day. The class period is usually shortened to about 20 minutes due to housekeeping concerns and the all building welcome. When we first get into the classroom, the students will introduce themselves to their table partners and share one interesting thing they did this summer.

  • Learning Target

The learning target will be for students to be introduced to the class and learn about class procedures and the teacher.


20 minutes

For everyone to introduce themselves, students will create a name tag. The name tag directions will be on the SMART board. Once the name tags are finished, students will stand and introduce themselves using an adjective that starts with the first letter of their first name then tell us what is on the name tag. I am usually the first person to introduce myself, "I'm Jazzy Dr. Jackson". The next person to go has to introduce me using the adjective I give then introduce themself and describes their name tag. We will continue the introductions until everybody has been introduced. Once everybody is introduced, I will ask for volunteers that can introduce everybody. If volunteers are successful, I usually give them an eraser or a pencil to celebrate. I also go through the names to help me remember everyone.

After the introductions, I continue through the SMART notebook and introduce myself and my background. When the notebook is finished, the students will take a "quiz" about me.


5 minutes

When students finish my quiz, I will go over the correct answers and take any questions. To finish the class period, students will write their own autobiographies to give to me. They will put their autobiography and quiz on a separate sheet of paper. I will take their autobiographies at the end of the period to read over the weekend. Each day, I will take 1 or 2 quizzes in front of the class. I will just start class by asking a volunteer to give me a quiz to put under the document camera and answer the questions without the autobiography in front of me. This activity opens the door and helps me get to know my students.