Integers PostAssessment

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SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of using operations with signed integers.

Big Idea

Can students show what they know?


5 minutes

To start class today the following discussion questions will be on the SMARTboard when students come into class.  These will help my students focus on what they understand about using operations with signed integers.

1. How do you determine the sign of a sum when adding integers?

2. Is there a difference between 6/-2 and -8/4? If so, what is the difference? If not, what makes them similar?

3. What rule can you apply when finding the product of -13 x -7?

4. Describe the steps for solving this problem: -7 - (-4).

As we discuss these questions, students will have the opportunity to ask questions for clarification. Usually when students are preparing to take a formative assessment, they will support one another by answering questions too. The answers don't always come from me and the discussion is usually very valuable.



25 minutes

My students will take a Post-Assessment on Operations with Integers. The post-assessment gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts we have covered in the unit. Our exit tickets and classroom discussions serve as part of the preparation for this formative assessment. Students will take the post-assessment individually. Much of our work during the unit has been with a partner or a small group but the individual assessment gives me a specific indicator as to what my students have learned and what they understand (MP1).

When students finish the assessment, they will raise their hands and I will collect the assessment. To give everyone the time they need to complete the assessment, as they finish, students will wait quietly for further instructions to end class.


5 minutes

To close a unit, I usually ask my students to provide feedback to me about the work they've done. I ask them to rate the activities and to give me any suggestions and/or critique of the unit. While there are some activities like WIW and POD that will always exist in our units, I still like to get their thoughts about the effectiveness of the strategies. It is their class too and having input into how the class is formed and run is valuable to them. The environment of the class requires that we all have a stake in what happens and the feedback request helps keep that flavor in our class. I read their feedback immediately to help me plan for the future. It does impact my plans and our activities.