Dividing Integers

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SWBAT recognize and apply rules when dividing integers.

Big Idea

Do you see anything familiar here? Students will use their knowledge of multiplication to help them with the rules of division.


5 minutes

As student enter the room, they will have a seat, take out their Problem of the Day (POD) sheet and begin to work on the question on the SMARTboard.  

The prompt for today's lesson is: Are there any similarities between multiplying and dividing?

We just developed rules that students can use when multiplying signed integers. I want them to begin to think about the connection between multiplying and dividing as we move to division. If they see similarities, we can make predications about the rules they foresee. If they don't see any simliarities, I will have them write down the differences they indentify in their journals so we can address them as we develop the rules for division (MP7).


25 minutes

We will continue class with notes on dividing integers-I want to focus on student understanding of operations with signed integers. I want students to recognize the difference between 4/ -2 and 4/2. Do they have a conceptual understanding of what it means to divide by a negative integer? Do students understand what the opposite means? I need to ensure as they work independently that they don't randomly assign a negative value to the quotient of any problem that has a negative sign. A common misconception my students usually have is that if they see a negative sign, the answer is negative. It usually doesn't matter if there is one negative sign, two, or many. If they see a negative sign, the answer is negative. I want to help them move away from memorizing rules to understanding what they remember. Focusing on dividing by negative integers and dividing negative integers will help magnify the rules we are creating and solidify their understanding. I also included some problems in the practice that have answers that are not whole numbers. This will prompt discussion on dividing rational numbers and expressing them as decimals.



5 minutes

Exit Ticket

Is the quotient of 10/ (-3) positive or negative? Explain how you know.

This exit ticket will be a formative assessment that will tell me how much the students understand about applying the signs to the quotient. We worked on problems like this when we multiplied integers, I want to see if they are making any connections.