Team Testing!

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SWBAT demonstrate understanding by successful completion of the unit assessment.

Big Idea

Teamwork Testing?! If you've never tried it, this lesson might help you see the value for your students.

Ready, Set...

5 minutes

My students already know that this will be a team assessment so as class begins I assign teams by randomly drawing of popsicle sticks.  I explain why a team assessment is appropriate for this unit in my assessment video and have included a resource with links to other team lessons and assessments I use.  Once teams are assigned I distribute the Algebraic Arithmetic Assessment, ask if there are any questions, and let my students begin working. (MP1, MP2)


50 minutes

During most of the class my students are working on their exam while I walk around offering encouragement and redirecting as necessary.  I make a point of reminding them that work counts!  I strongly suggest to teams that finish early to check their work and make sure they've completely answered each problem and that their answers make sense.  (MP1, MP2)  I advise the class when there are only five minutes left so that they can wrap up their work.  Because I've already been assessing my students daily for strengths and weaknesses, I grade this assessment as a collaborative effort unless there is a clear "opt out" by a student.  In that case, I try to ascertain why he/she is not trying and offer the option of taking the test individually.  Otherwise both students receive the same grade.