Multiplying Integers

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SWBAT develop and use rules for multiplying signed integers.

Big Idea

Can we create a set of rules to use when we multply signed integers?


5 minutes
  • POD

As student enter the room, they will have a seat, take out their Problem of the Day (POD) sheet and begin to work on the question on the SMARTboard. The POD allows students to use MP 3 continually based on the discussions we have about the problem each day.

Solve -6 x 8

 This problem will generate discussion on the sign of the product. Usually when my students don't understand, they will randomly pick a sign and won't be able to explain the choice. Talking about the possible answers as a whole class will support the choices and explanations students give. It will also lead right into the work for the day.

  • Learning Target

The target for the day is also on the SMARTboard each day when students enter the room.  The target for today’s lesson is to develop a working set of rules to use when multiplying signed integers.


25 minutes

We will work through notes on multiplying integers as a class. Students will participate in generating the information to be included in the notes then apply that information to the practice assignment that follows.


5 minutes

Exit Ticket

How do you decide if the product is positive or negative when multiplying integers?

The exit ticket today will summarize what students have learned. Are they able to articulate how to determine the sign of a product? Can they articulate the thinking behind the decision? I want to know that students are basing the sign of the product on reasoning rather than guessing.