Lesson 24

Mine Craft Unit Project Work Day 2 of 2

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SWBAT apply complex equations to create a scale model school using the 3-D design program Google Sketch-up.

Big Idea

Culminate solving equations using this unit project and the 3-D design program Google Sketch-up.

Bellringer: Re-framing the Lesson

5 minutes

Remind students that today is a computer day and the logistics and planning should be finished before working on the computers today.  

Collaborative Work Time

45 minutes

This is another workday for project completion using the computer program.  Move about the room ensuring students are on task and provide feedback that moves learning forward.  I usually only allow two workdays of in class time.   The video today provides even further insight into how to use the program Google Sketch-up to complete this project.

Throughout the activity, students will apply math practice standards three and six in order to clearly communicate ideas about the project (MP 3 Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, MP 6 Attend to Precision).

Closing the Activity

20 minutes

After students invest so much time in this engaging activity they will be proud of their work and want to present their designs.  If you have time in class, allowing students to make presentations would be great and encourage detail and creativity.  If you do not have time, then asking students to post their designs in Edmodo to the class and review each other’s work would also allow students to share their work.  I usually have students turn in the assignment through edmodo by posting the assignment and students upload finished projects.  This is the easiest method of collecting electronic assignments that I have found.