Assessment Day!

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SWBAT read, write and evaluate expression while taking an assessment

Big Idea

What do you know about expressions! Show time!


15 minutes

Since this is an assessment day, we will be going over the study guide in preparation for the test.  Before reviewing the answers, I'm going to allow students a few minutes to discuss any issues they had while completing their homework.  When they are done, I will go over each problem with them.  I will explain problems as needed to catch any last minute misunderstanding.  The study guide questions are a review of all material covered in this unit.  Students can use notes to help them prepare for this test.  I'm not anticipating any one question to be too difficult for them to complete.


60 minutes

My district created an assessment to be used for this unit.  Questions were directly aligned to the CCSS.  I give ample time for students to complete the exam without worry of not finishing.  As students finish, I always give them something to do to keep them busy and quiet.

After the Exam

10 minutes

Students will be working on a logic problem that includes the use of divisibility rules.  I got this problem from the Noyce foundation and thought it would be a good problem to keep the students busy after the test. 

These problems can be used as extra credit or be sent home for homework.