Categorical data 1

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SWBAT understand and interpret categorical data.

Big Idea

How do 2-way tables work?

Warm Up

10 minutes

In general, the key to a good set of Warm Up problems is that one problem should allow nearly every student success, and, one or two additional problems should push students to think in new and different ways. Today’s warm-up is a little different: 9 - 5 WU122 Categorical data 1. I ask students to answer a series of questions about a data set. Although I break routine, I follow the same general principle: success, followed by challenge.


10 minutes

I spend some time in the huddle going over the Silver_Problem because it pushes kids to make their own judgments about which relative frequencies to use.  It's a pretty complex idea... and I like the discussions we have about it. I don't jump in immediately when kid has chosen a pair of relative frequencies that don't make sense... I push other kids to develop their logic on why.


15 minutes

9 - 5 HW122 is to be completed at home and should take students approximately 15 minutes.