Reflections 1

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SWBAT understand reflection across the x-axis and y-axis.

Big Idea

Use geomirrors to set the foundation for students' understanding of reflections, only across the axes.

Warm Up

10 minutes

Each day, students complete a warm-up that usually consists of spiraling the previous day's material, in addition to older material.  Warm-up problems also sometimes extend lessons that students have encountered before to more unfamiliar contexts.

For a video narrative about how I structure each lesson, and how the warm-up fits in, click here.

Play of the Day

40 minutes

For today's Play of the Day, I go in-depth with two examples that have multiple questions.  If you download the file, you can see my comments on how I progress through the questioning.

The basic premise is that I use the geomirrors for Example 1, but then switch to no mirrors for Example 2.  How do you get there?  By choosing a point that is equidistant from the line of reflection.  It's a pretty cool lesson... and pushes kids to do some spatial reasoning that is not particularly easy for all of them.

In terms of using the geo-mirrors, the kids get pretty good at using them pretty quickly.  They need to move their eyes on either side of the mirrors to see where the reflection should be, and if they reflected properly.  I highly recommend their use, particularly over the course of a few days, and especially as the reflections become more difficult (over the line y=x).


10 minutes

Because we are still in the early stages, I like to review the Silver problem from 8 - 4 WU103 Reflections 1 in the huddle.  It allows students to review translations while also applying reflections.  I go through the reflections in two ways... with geomirrors and without (equidistant from the line of reflection).  This provides a powerful and simple end to the lesson.


15 minutes

Homework is to be completed at home and should take students approximately 15 minutes.