Review exponents and scientific notation

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SWBAT review exponents and scientific notation.

Big Idea

Consolidate student mastery by providing a day of mixed review and problem-solving.

Warm Up

10 minutes

Each day, students complete a warm-up that usually consists of spiraling the previous day's material, in addition to older material.  Warm-up problems also sometimes extend lessons that students have encountered before to more unfamiliar contexts.

For a video narrative about how I structure each lesson, and how the warm-up fits in, click here.

Play of the Day

40 minutes


10 minutes

Today's huddle is about ensuring mastery before the assessment, and so I focus on the Round 4 questions and ensure that EVERY kid can do them by cold-calling, walking around checking work, and asking kids to demonstrate their thinking on the board.  It is worthwhile to really push for 100% here.


15 minutes

Homework is to be completed at home and should take students approximately 15 minutes.