Perform operations with scientific notation 1

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SWBAT perform operations with scientific notation.

Big Idea

Get students to fluently multiply and divide numbers in scientific notation, and distinguish between multiplication and division.

Warm Up

10 minutes

Each day, students complete a Warm-up that usually consists of spiraling the previous day's material, in addition to older material.  Warm-up problems also sometimes extend lessons that students have encountered before to more unfamiliar contexts.

For a video narrative about how I structure each lesson, and how the warm-up fits in, click here.

Play of the Day

40 minutes


10 minutes

For the huddle in this lesson, I like to review two problems; one that requires them to multiply two numbers that are in scientific notation, and one that requires them to multiply one number in scientific notation and the other in standard notation... it helps the kids fluently move between each representation, and convert back and forth.  We usually go through more than one way to solve the same problem, especially for the mixed scientific notation/standard notation example.

For example, it's nice to show two different ways to solve a problem like the below.


If a proton has a mass of 1 x 10^-24 grams, what is the mass of 1000 protons?


Some kids will do 1 x 1000, then combine that with 10^-24, and then move the decimal to put in correct scientific notation.

Some kids will do 1 x 10^3 and then multiply this with 1 x 10^-24, which has the effect of moving the decimal also... it's really cool to see the aha moment with kids when they see the beauty of these two approaches next to each other.


15 minutes

Homework (6 - 5 HW83 Perform operations with scientific notation1) is to be completed at home and should take students approximately 15 minutes.