As the Crow Flies: A Bird's Eye View of Measurement

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Students will explore the value of kilometers and meters as units of measure in a scientific context (volcano size and distance from towns. They will use their understanding of place value to round measurements to the hundredths place to the nearest whole. Students will develop and express opinions on which units of measure they prefer in which contexts.

Big Idea

High-interest content can be used to practice basic skills, such as measuring distances and evaluating proximity.


8 minutes

Active Engagement

45 minutes

I show the As The Crow Flies interactive presentation on measurement as part of a whole group activity.  There is a lot of new content packed into a very short amount of time.  

Also, I model how to stay on topic despite super high interest content.  Students use a workpage/guided notes to help stay on track.  


8 minutes

I close this activity by asking students what they learned about measuring in kilometers that either surprised them, that they didn't know before, or that they found useful.  I model sentence stems as part of their response.