The Last Day

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Students will be able to demonstrate mastery of the basic requirements for passing the course.

Big Idea

Today, class will really be a glorified study hall as some students quietly take their final test.

Section 1

5 minutes

Section 2

35 minutes

For the bulk of this class period, I do my best to keep the students quietly working on something academic.  Some are taking the basic skills test and need no encouragement, but others are not so easy to keep on track.  Actually, if I’ve done my job well by establishing a strong classroom culture of serious academics, I find most of my students are perfectly happy to try solving a few new math problems even on the last day of school.  With those who are working on the challenge problems, I make every effort to bring them to a point at which they can see the beauty of the concept at hand.  This is my last chance to encourage a love of mathematics in them, and I’d like them to leave my class for the summer saying, “Wow!  I never expected that!”


Section 3

5 minutes