Finishing Touches Day 2

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Students will be able to demonstrate mastery of the basic requirements for passing the course.

Big Idea

The class will be divided today. Some will study for a second attempt at the Basic Skills test, some will catch up on incomplete assignments, and others will work on new and challenging problems.

Section 1

5 minutes

Returning the tests:  As in the previous lesson, I return the tests to any students who either need to finish making correction or who need to study in order to take the test again.  The students are also reminded again that they must hand the tests back in by the end of class

Getting to work:  The students now have one of three tasks to accomplish. 

  • Some must study to take the Basic Skills test again.  These students should work with their peers, ask me questions, consult their notes, etc. 
  • Students who have passed the test may spend this time completing some assignments that should have been handed in previously (there are always plenty of those). 
  • I will provide a small set of challenging problems for the students who are finished with everything else.   These may change from year-to-year.  Often they address some concept we didn’t have time to study in as much depth as I’d have liked, but sometimes they may look ahead to the next course or ask students to apply their knowledge in some new way.  In any case, they ought to be interesting and worthwhile.


Really, my goal here is to make the class period a productive one; if some student needs to study for a biology test next period, and she has already passed my test, then I’ll probably let her study biology.  If another student asks if he can just sleep, I’ll certainly tell that student he’d better get to work on my challenge problems.

Section 2

35 minutes


5 minutes

This class wraps up very simply.  Those who will be making a second attempt at the Basic Skills test tomorrow know that their job is to study.  The rest of the class has no homework.  I make sure to collect all of the tests from the students before they leave.