Finishing Touches Day 1

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Students will be able to demonstrate mastery of the basic requirements for passing the course.

Big Idea

The students will take time to make corrections to their Basic Skills tests and to prepare to take it a second time, if necessary.

Revisiting the Basic Skills Test

10 minutes

Returning the tests:  This section is fairly straightforward: I return the graded Basic Skills tests to the students so that they can see whether or not they passed, and so that they can see what they did correctly and where they made mistakes.  Since the students know this is an important grade, I emphasize that if they didn’t pass this time, they still have time to learn from their mistakes and take the test again.  Those who passed are encouraged to correct their mistakes and to assist their classmates to do the same.  Finally, I remind students that I will have to collect the tests again at the end of class.  In order to keep copies of the test from being passed on to younger students, I do not allow students to take copies of the test out of the classroom.

Conversations:  Once the students all have their tests, I let them discuss the results with one another, compare answers, etc.  Meanwhile, I make a point of taking some time to talk with the students who have been surprised (and disappointed) to find that they haven’t passed.  Encouragement and compassion are what they need right now. 

Making Corrections

30 minutes


5 minutes

At this point, all students need to hand in their tests, whether or not they have finished making corrections.  They will have the chance to continue studying from it tomorrow.