Final Review Day 2

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Students will be able to successfully solve a variety of problems spanning the entire course.

Big Idea

Using their peers as a resource, students tackle a variety of problems spanning the entire course.

Six Problems to Solve

10 minutes

Preparing for today’s lesson:  Approximately four lessons prior to this second day of review, I would assign the last review packet of the year (see “Algebra 2 – Review 10.pdf” for an example).  This review packet is due today at the end of class.


Before class begins, I carefully select six problems to write on the board.  See Final Review Day 1, Video Narrative, Six Problems to Solve, found in the previous lesson, for details.


When class begins, the students should already know what to do, but I will remind them to begin trying to solve the problems individually.  They may work on them in any order, and I make sure to let them know which ones they’ll need to solve without a calculator on the coming test.  After about 10 minutes of individual time, I let the class know they’re free to start working together if they’d like.

Group Time

5 minutes

The purpose of this group time, of course, is to give students a chance to get some help on the problems they’ve forgotten how to do.  Since this is review, I expect that in most cases, individual students won’t need anything more than a quick reminder.  I suppose I could just walk around and help each student one-on-one, but I think it’s important students to have the chance to teach and learn from one another (MP3). It also frees me up to help the ones who really need it most.


At the beginning of this group time, I pick out six students to put their solutions on the board for discussion.  This usually takes about 5 minutes, so once their solutions are ready I call an end to the group time.

Student Solutions

15 minutes

Any Questions?

15 minutes