Choose Your Own Adventure

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SWBAT develop a modeling problem that their classmates may solve with a system of linear inequalities.

Big Idea

By writing their own modeling problem, students deepen their understanding of the kind of problem that may be solved with linear programming.

Group Work

25 minutes

Solving a Student-Generated Problem

20 minutes

Since the students have worked so hard to write these problems, it's important that we honor that work by trying to solve them!

I like to ask the different groups to briefly share the scenarios they've come up with so everyone can get a feel for the variety of problem types there are.  Then, I have two options for actually solving the students' problem:

Option A:  If all groups have completed the writing phase, then have groups exchange problems and work to solve them.  Some groups may solve multiple problems, but all should solve at least one.

Option B:  If not all groups have completed the writing phase, then select one group's problem, share it with the class (via document camera), and solve it together as a class.  In this case, the group that wrote it gets to enjoy watching the rest of us struggle through!

Summary Discussion (or Exit Ticket):

Which is easier: to write or to solve one of these problems, and why?

How has the writing process changed the way you think about problems like these and how might you use this in new situations?

Students will have different opinions on these questions, and there is no right answer, so just enjoy the conversation and prepare to be surprised by how thoughtful your students can be!