Final Exam Review Stations (Day 3 of 3)

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SWBAT apply their knowledge of diverse mathematical techniques to solve problems involving triangles in a summary exercise.

Big Idea

Students review by working through various stations at their own pace and receive immediate feedback on their work.

Getting Ready

2 minutes

Before class I set up the stations as they were described in Day 1 of this lesson. Be sure to put the same numbered stations at the same tables as students will likely remember where they went yesterday as opposed to what number stations they visited. Set out any formula sheets or calculators that you want your students to have at each station.

When my students arrive they sit at the same station they left off at yesterday. They should be sitting four tables away from where they started. If they normally sit where station 2 is they should have completed stations 2 and 3 on day 1, stations 4 and 5 on day 2, and should now be seated at 1.



Review Stations

20 minutes

Students should complete 2 more stations today and rotate to check their answers to the final one. Once they check their answers to the final station they can return to their normal seats.


8 minutes

In last few minutes of class, have every student take out a their Cliff Notes, Jr paper from the last two days and complete the closure activity again but with the 2 stations they reviewed from today. Students should now have a nice personal “cheat sheet” to study from along with many practice problems from all the stations and the answers to these problems.