Determining the Matrix for Transformations

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SWBAT identify the matrix that would perform reflections, rotations, and translations.

Big Idea

Students use manipulatives to discover the matrices that perform various transformations.


10 minutes

Instead of giving students Warm-Up problems at the start of this lesson, I plan to review some of the thoughts and reflections that students shared on the 3-2-1 Assessment at the end of yesterday's lesson. I definitely want to be encouraging and remind students of all the knowledge they already have about matrices. I will also address specific questions students raised that I feel need to be addressed immediately. In particular, I will address questions that need answers to in order to be successful on test review over the next couple of nights. 


40 minutes

Wrap-Up + Homework

5 minutes

I hope that during the lesson my students will successfully complete at least a couple of the examples that  begin on Page 15 of the Flipchart-Determining the Matrix for Transformations. If we have not gotten to through enough examples, I will use a Postcard to Absent StudentWrap-Up to give students a chance to reflect on their current progress and try to explain what they have learned to a peer in writing.

If we have completed several of the examples, we will complete a more creative Wrap-Up. This activity begins on Page 19 of the Flipchart. The task asks students to create their own matrix transformation problem. The students need to create a shape by identifying the coordinates, then apply a series of transformations to the shape. After they complete the transformations, students exchange papers and solve each other’s problems by using matrices to perform the transformations. 

Before the end of the period, I remind students that they should be completing the Matrices Test Review for homework. For tonight, I let them know that I expect problems #1-17 to be fully complete. And, it is time to start work on the remaining problems.