Matrices in the World Around Us

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SWBAT use matrices to represent and manipulate data.

Big Idea

Students use matrices to model real world problems and discover matrices can be quite useful in business mathematics.


3 minutes

At the start of today's lesson students will complete Clicker Questions as a Warm-Up. The questions review the skill of multiplying two matrices.  In these tasks, the matrix entries are algebraic terms in order to review operations with polynomials and to discourage the use of a calculator. I will give students enough time to complete this Warm-Up by hand.


Teaching Note: It is important to have students seated in teams today. I will group students in homogeneous ability groups. I am worried that if I use mixed ability groups, the stronger students will make all the connections!

Closure + Homework

7 minutes

To wrap-up today’s learning I will have students complete a Think-Pair-Share while brainstorming and reflecting on examples of where matrices can be applied in business or other professions. Each group of students will share the best idea they came up with as a group. I hope that this activity will help all students to see numerous ways that matrices can be applied in everyday occupations.

For homework tonight I will assign Matrices Homework 2 - Knoxville Nobles Problem.