Using Excel to Create a Histogram

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Students will be able to use technology to continue to dive deeper into data collection and methods of presentation.

Big Idea

Technology + Data = 21st Century skills!

Bell Work/Login

10 minutes

This class takes place in the computer lab. 

As the students get to the lab and begin to login to the computers (which takes 4-5 minutes) I hand out the Bell Work worksheet.  This nicely reminds the students of what we are working on AND sets and “all business” tone for the class period.  I discovered the importance of Bell Work during days like this, because the first 4-5 minutes of class are extremely critical.  When I am inside the walls of my own classroom, I have no issue getting the students engaged right from the start with a wide variety of activities.  However, occasional trips to the computer lab can pose a start-of-class challenge while the students wait to get logged on.  To combat this issue, I ALWAYS circulate bell work when we go to the computer lab.  With this particular sheet, I allow the students to collaborate as they work on their responses.  We do not talk about the end product, and they simply turn it in to me and are ready for the day’s lesson. 

YouTube Video – Histograms in Excel

15 minutes

This next portion of the lesson is sensitive to the fact that we live in a changing educational environment.  During my recent completion of my master’s degree, which was completed entirely online, I couldn’t help but think about how I experienced a “different type” of learning.  By the time many of my students graduate from college (or even if they are involved in job training) they will likely have experienced ATLEAST one online class.  Many businesses – and even CPR and safety trainings – are today being held online.  Because of this it, is important to expose students to this method of digital learning.  Although most students today are very in touch with technology, I have found that few of them have ever used it as the primary method of instruction. 

This is where I instruct the students to play the youtube link.

I allow the kids to work through at their own pace.  Please see the attached Video Narrative in which I talk about the transition from this portion of the lesson to the next phase.  

Histogram Mini Project (continued)

15 minutes

Online Learning Debrief

5 minutes

I enjoy concluding class with a 4-5 minute discussion about what the students thought about the activity.  I probe them to talk about benefits and pitfalls of online learning.  I ask the students if they have had any family members take an “online” learning class.  It is really rewarding to talk to the kids about these experiences, because they will likely see them in the future!