Investigating Infinite Geometric Series

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Students will be able to dive into a study of the uniqueness of convergence of infinite geometric series.

Big Idea

The last several lessons have been highly practical and focused on real world application. This lesson further emphasizes mathematical questioning associated with behavior of infinite geometric series.

Opening Analysis

15 minutes
Opening Analysis.docx page 1

Let’s Make Use of Structure

15 minutes

Homework Time

15 minutes

Circulate the homework sheet.  This emphasizes a wide variety of problems:

1)     Finding if a series has a sum

2)     Finding the sum of the first several terms

3)     Finding the sum of an infinite number of terms

4)     Real World Application (bouncy ball problem)

- Requires the students to Reason Abstractly (MP 2)

5)     Making use of structure to analyze infinite arithmetic series (MP 7)