Visiting the Magic Kingdom!

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SWBAT place numbers in a coordinate plane to determine locations using a real world application.

Big Idea

Have you ever wondered what the magic kingdom would look like on a coordinate grid?


15 minutes

Students will be completing a worksheet on graphing and locating points on the grid.  This is an easy warm up to get them thinking about the coordinate plane and its parts.  Students should finish this with ease.  When students are finished, they can do a HUSUPU to compare/share solutions and reasons (SMP 3).  On the first page, students will write the letter that corresponds to the ordered pair.  On the second page, students will plot the points in the grid.  Make sure students use a letter to indicate the locations. 

Visiting the Magic Kingdom

60 minutes

Students will be making sense of this problem by choosing their own locations to visit and assigning them an ordered pair on the grid (SMP 1 and 2) Students will be using the coordinate grid to model their math (SMP 4) Students will need to be precise when figuring out their ordered pairs on the grid to indicate their desired locations (SMP 6)

The purpose of this activity is to support 6.NS.C.8:  Solve real-world and mathematical problems by graphing points in all four quadrants of the coordinate plane. Include use of coordinates and absolute value to find distances between points with the same first coordinate or the same second coordinate.  In a previous lesson we discussed the use of absolute value to find the distance of a line segment. So today, the students will be using the real-world place to graph and locate points on the coordinate grid.  I chose the Magic Kingdom because most students know of it even if they haven’t been there before. 

Students will need to choose 10 attractions that you would like to visit. Using the map of attractions, the students will find all of the attractions.  Once they have decided which attractions they will want to visit, they will list them in order on the student work page.  On the work page the students should include the name of the attraction, ordered pair, quadrant or axis or origin of each location.

Some students may struggle with finding the ordered pair because the map covers up a portion of the grid.  Ask students if there is any other way to find the location of the points.  Students should see that the vertical and horizontal lines go all the way through the map.  They can easily count the lines along the top or sides. 

Closure + Homework

10 minutes

I’m going to use this time to let students finish up their work.  For those students that finish early, they will be creating their own picture on the grid and writing the ordered pairs for each of the vertices. Students can get this as soon as they are done with the Magic Kingdom project.  The picture can be taken home and completed for homework. (SMP 1,3,4,6)