Coordinate Grid and Geometry

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SWBAT place integers in the coordinate plane. SWBAT to find the distance of line segments using the coordinate plane.

Big Idea

Students make connections between the coordinate grid and Geometry.


10 minutes

Students have already been locating rational numbers on a horizontal number line.  This warm up has them looking at a vertical number line and plotting the points.  Students will need to create their own numbers on the number line and assign a letter to the location to identify each point.  Students can check with their tablemates to see how they represented the number line (SMP 1,2,3).  I chose this problem to help them make the connection with the coordinate grid.

Tools:  Using the coordinate grid notes.

Review of the Coordinate Grid

10 minutes

My students have already had experience with the coordinate plane.  I’m going to review some of the main terms with them to reactivate their prior knowledge.  The original notes on the coordinate plane are in their tool box.  They can refer to them if needed.

Tools:  Using the coordinate grid power point and notes

Coordinate Grid and Puzzles

20 minutes

Students will be using ordered pairs to graph in the grid to form a picture and answer a riddle.  Students will need to be precise in their graphing or the picture won’t work out. (SMP 6) The ordered pairs and the directions are in their notes.

For each ordered pair, the students will be telling what quadrant, axis , origin the point is located.  There is also a table in their notes to keep track of this information (SMP 4)

Tools:  Using the coordinate grid power point and notes

Coordinate Grid and finding the distance of a line segment

25 minutes

During this section, we will be working as a whole group, but letting the students make the observations needed.  Students will be plotting ordered pairs in the grid.  They will be looking at line segments and determining the distance.  By the end of this section, students should realize that all they need to do is look for the point in the ordered pair that is different and find the distance (amount) in between.  Students should be able to recognize this on their own.  However, some students may need this to be pointed out to them.  They can count the lines in between, but that is not the most efficient way of finding the distance.  (SMP 7 and 8).  The questions I will be asking them are located on the slides to help guide them to their discovery.

Using the coordinate grid power point and notes 


Do you know the distance?

20 minutes

Have the students use their white boards to answer the questions.  If you know students are having difficulties figuring out the pattern, then have some extra coordinate grids for them to use so they can count the spaces.

I will be using this as an informal assessment.  If students are not understanding, I will work with them during the next lesson in a small group to re-teach this concept.

Tools:  White boards and coordinate grids.


10 minutes

The students will be answering 2 questions to sum up their learning. For each problem, the students will be using a thinkpairshare strategy to help them reflect on their response.  Once they have had time to discuss their thoughts, I will open up the question to the whole group to check for understanding. (SMP 3)