Lesson 9

Circumference & Area Fluency Practice

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SWBAT find the area and circumference of circles

Big Idea

Whiteboard practice!

Warmup Reflection

15 minutes

Whiteboard Practice

25 minutes

The purpose of this lesson is to give students plenty of practice finding the circumference and area of circles.  The mathematical practice that drives this lesson is MP4 as students apply the appropriate formulas to solve each problem.


I will have a whiteboard, marker, and eraser for every student.  I like whiteboard practice when it is fast paced and I think most of the students do as well so I’ll keep a fairly short time limit for most of the problems.  I’ll post a problem, set the time, and then ask for all boards up.  I will make a quick scan around the room to make sure everyone has the answers.  Again, I will have a list of students who either did not do well on previous day’s exit tickets or were perhaps absent on a previous day.  It is hard to check everybody’s board so my focus will be here, though I will acknowledge other students.  As I see them have success I know that the majority are most likely having success.  The first set of problems will be simple.  I’ll give a radius and ask for diameter or vice versa, or I’ll ask students to draw a circle with a given radius or diameter (not to scale). Students still make mistakes with these values so it is worth a few minutes.    I will then go into PI questions.  I will give a circumference and a radius or diameter and ask students to represent these values as the ratio PI.  The next set of questions will be circumference problems followed by area problems. 


I will use the resource below for many of the questions though I will probably not show the pages themselves. 

Accelerated Math Practice

15 minutes

I will create a short Accelerated Math assignment for each student consisting of two area problems and two circumference problems.  I hope to have enough time here to scan student work so that they get immediate feedback.  If time permits, they should make any necessary corrections in class, otherwise it will be part of homework.