Lesson 29

3-D Models from 2-D Views

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SWBAT construct 3D models using cubes when given a 2D front, side, and top view of the shape (and vice versa)

Big Idea

Working with unifix cubes is like playing with LEGOs!


10 minutes

Building the Models

30 minutes

Here is where the heart of the lesson is.  The work addresses 7.G.3 at its most basic while developing spatial reasoning.  These problems also address MP1 as students try to construct models given limited information – the 2D views.  It also address MP7as students shift their visual perspective.  This shift comes as students try to match the corresponding sides of their models to the 2d views.  Every student will have their own unifix cubes, but students will work together with their partner(s).  After most groups have successfully built the current model, we will discuss different strategies that groups found helpful.  Then we’ll move on to the next model.  For students that finish building the models early, I will ask them to find the surface area and volume of the shape.

Lesson End

5 minutes

Students take an exit ticket.  The shape is much more basic than those we worked with in class.  The last 2 questions are extension questions for the exit ticket.