Work Period: Unit 3 Review

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SWBAT review the learning targets that will appear on the Unit 3 exam, as they finish their work, solve problems, and create cheat sheets.

Big Idea

One of the most important aspects of preparing students for college is showing them what it means to study. Today students practice those habits.

Optional / Homework: Delta Math

10 minutes

I assigned this Delta Math Trig Functions Practice during the previous class, and some students will want to use these exercises to review for the exam.  If they do, that's great and I give them time for that.  (Especially for students with limited computer access at home.)  I just make sure that they're paying attention to the review sheet as well.  

Opener: Three Trig Problems

15 minutes

These Trig Openers are fun because, although they are pretty simply stated, they are well-suited for getting students talking.  I give them a few minutes to come up with their solutions, then I ask for volunteers to explain their thinking to the class.

As a warm-up to today's review, these problems are a little bit harder than the exercises that are on today's review sheet, and I think this is a good strategy: challenge students in whole-class discussion of these problems, then give them individual and small-group time in which I stay as hands-off as possible for their exam review.

Work Time: Exam Review

60 minutes

Next, students complete the Exam Review.  I tell them they can work alone or together, whatever makes them comfortable.  The exam is scheduled for our next class, so students can also use this time to make cheat sheets.  One winning strategy for making cheat sheets is to notice what's difficult on the review sheet, then to add to the cheat sheet accordingly.

There will be four SLTs on the exam: the two Unit Circle learning targets, plus Triangles 2 and Circles 2.  The same four SLTs are on this review, which is organized into a section for each.

When students have questions, I try to help them find classmates who can help.

There is a big difference between today's review and the problem solving of our previous two classes.  I try to help students see this.  On Problem Set #14, we were doing some open-ended work and trying to construct some new knowledge.  Now that we have done that work, this review sheet consists of exercises that require us to apply what we know.

Closing: Appreciations

5 minutes

On any review day, there's a lot of time for students to help each other.  With five minutes left in class, we circle up and do a round of appreciations.