Chrome in 3D

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Students will be able to draw and email a 3D shape.

Big Idea

In this lesson, we get students started on their first chrome task

Start Up

15 minutes

Individual Work

30 minutes

 I circulate during all technology based lessons in pretty much the same way. I try and help students with technical issues, encourage students with great skill in the given task and help students stay on track. Helping students stay on track is critical on this day as it is there first time using the machine for a class specific task. My basic philosophy around this is to use positive reinforcement whenever possible and simply tell students what you notice. For example, if a student is shopping for sneakers online, I first make a note of the site they are using  (which I often block for the next lesson, unless it is a critically useful site) and then I say, “I noticed you were shopping for sneakers. How did the 3D model go?” If a student is off task, they know that I am aware and also get back on task because they want to do the right thing. They don’t need me to yell. I also acknowledge great 3D models to get others curious and thinking about how they can do great work. By the end of this interval, there are certain models I will share with the group from my email and we will have a few aps to share. 


15 minutes

Since we spent so much time working on a 3D model, I ask them “why would I have you start with a 3D model?” Students are quick to realize that I chose a task that they often find difficult to do by hand. They like that we immediately find an effective and efficient way to use the laptop. After we discuss the specific merits of the application, I ask for other suggestions and write these on the board as we build our class app requests.  I finish class by reviewing the clean up routine for the machines, which involves simply putting the laptop back in the right spot and charging for the next students. I stand by the cart and closely monitor the process. My goal is to also have these types of routines established as soon as possible. It should be automatic for students and they need to know exactly what the expectations are. How can they successfully complete the task if we haven’t been clear about our guidelines?