The World Of Inverse Operations!

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: SWBAT to define, and use additive and multiplicative inverses.

Big Idea

Ultimately, we want to use our knowledge of inverses to solve expressions, equations, and inequalities. This lesson scaffolds so that students have a strong background in order to meet that goal.

Full Lesson Plan

1 minutes

Why is it important for our students to truly understand inverse operations?  Well, without having a strong background with inverse operations, they will be a fish out of water for further algebra classes that will be in their future.  It is imperative that they gain a DEEP UNDERSTANDING NOW! We don’t want these poor, wittle, babies, going on from our math class and being able to say the famous “I never learned that!” to their future teacher.  So, this lesson is intended for us to make sure we cover our bases. Here we GO!

Direct Instruction

25 minutes

Use the above link to print the Teacher Guided notes for your direct instruction use.  For this direct instruction I would reccommend that you go over the vocabulary intended to make this lesson useful first.  This lesson is intended for students to understand the meaning of inverse operations, identify inverse operations and there usage.  There are several step by step examples to get you started.  You may opt to add more to give your students a solid resource to use for practice and homework. 


5 minutes

VOCABULARY! VOCABULARY! VOCABULARY! Those of you who follow me know I am big on Content Area Vocabulary.  Math is not just numbers!!! There is a lot of language needed to be successful.  So, let’s start there. 



If you opted to use the vocabulary mini-unit for this number sense, these terms should already be in your student’s interactive notebook.  You will want to revisit these words with your students.  Play a quick game, construct a quick assessment, or simply go back through the meaning of each. 

If you opted not to use the vocabulary mini-unit, going through the meaning of each word is necessary.  I am a fan of the Frayer Model.  You can refer to my strategy folder for the use of the Frayer Model in the Interactive Math Journals. I am positive that you have an awesome way of implementing content area vocabulary into your daily lessons.  Don’t forget   the interactive word wall!

Student Practice

20 minutes

Now Let’s Practice :

Allow students to use their guided notes to solve the equations on the practice.  Students will complete the practice as individuals.  The practice will take the remainder of the period.  Make sure that students are following all step taught during direct instruction.


5 minutes

Students may not complete all of the problems in class.  Please instruct the students to complete problems unfinished for homework so that you may have a great discussion the following day.