Playin' Against All Odds - Day 4 of 5

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SWBAT weigh possible outcomes associated with probability games that they create. SWBAT analyze decisions and strategies using probability concepts.

Big Idea

Tomorrow we “play the odds” in each others games... Last day to prepare!

Opening Remarks

5 minutes

At the start of class I remind students that today is the last day for them to work in class on their game.  At this point, the students should have a pretty good feel for what needs to be done; and the requirements of the project.  If you think the students need a quick jump-start, however, feel free to quickly revisit the Knows/N2Ks (Know's and Need to Know's) with them.  This will help them make sure that they have addressed everything in the N2K column, and have focused on their growth in MP1.  It is neat for the students to see the list of N2K's cross off!


Before turning the period over to the students, I brief them on the expectations for tomorrow.   I tell them that the class will be broken into 3-4 groups (of the student pairs) MP3.  Therefore, there will be 6-8 students per group.  Inside the group, the partners will have an opportunity to present and play their probability game.  The other 4-6 students will play the game, offer feedback, and interact during the presentation using the concepts that we have studied.  (MP3)


Work Time

35 minutes

Allow the students time to work.  They will certainly need it!

The students will not likely be requesting any additional workshops at this point, and likely just need time with their partner to bring things to a close and talk about their presentation on the following day.  I encourage the students to play their own games and work with each other to polish their presentation tomorrow.  I tell them to practice talking about the application of the probability concepts to their games, and to use appropriate terminology like independent, mutually exclusive, etc (MP2).  You can even have groups of students pair up to practice their presentations with each other before the real thing tomorrow.

You may also find it beneficial to circulate the rubric to the student so that they can ensure that they have hit all of the requirements for the activity.