Review Day Two

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SWBAT participate in an independent and team review of algebraic arithmetic, algebraic structure and complex numbers.

Big Idea

Set yourself up for success by careful review and reflection before that big exam!


45 minutes

On this second day of our semester review my students already know what to expect for the day's activities.  I randomly assign new groups for review teams and distribute the handout for the next unit, Complex Number Semester Review based on how far we got yesterday.  The intent today is for students to independently work through review problems for units from earlier in the year (MP1, MP2, MP4). This may mean they will need more prompting and/or support as they try to recall lessons from September and October. An example prompt might be "What notes do you have for this lesson on complex numbers?" or "When we studied polynomial division, what methods or strategies worked best for you?" While they're working, I walk around offering encouragement and assistance, and if it appears that the majority of them are struggling with the same content or skill I take a few minutes for whole-class instruction.  I've allocated more time for each unit today (15-20 minutes) since I need allow time for any whole-class review as needed.  I continue to distribute the remaining review handouts as students/teams are ready for them or after the allocated time.  The second section for today is Algebraic Structure Semester Review and the last section is Algebraic Arithmetic Semester Review.

Wrap it Up

5 minutes

By now my students are either fairly confident about the pending exam or as a worse case scenario are convinced they will fail no matter what.  To help redirect both groups I give them all notecards and ask them to write a message to themselves about what they are going to do to reinforce their strengths between the end of class and the exam tomorrow.  I explain that they must have a concrete and specific goal, so that "Nothing will help" and "I already know it all" are equally unacceptable.  For struggling students who are really stumped I suggest that maybe they make time to see me after class.  For those who are certain they know all they need to know, I suggest that they review all their previous exams for problems they missed.  I have never had a student get 100% on every exam, so this is a safe bet!  Rather than collecting these notecards now, I ask them to keep them until tomorrow and turn them in with their exam for credit.  I explain the value of this activity in my video.