Introducing Distance on the Coordinate Plane with Geo-Bands

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Students will be able to apply the Pythagorean theorem in graphing to find the length of a diagonal line segment

Big Idea

Geoboards help students find the right triangle about diagonal line segments. The natural desire to create shapes reveals Pythagorean Thm.

Bellringer: Warm-up

10 minutes

Beginning the New Activity

30 minutes

Wrapping-up + Homework

5 minutes

I like to close class where new material was presented by allowing students to discuss the class activities and organize the new material inside their brains.  One strategy for allowing students to consolidate ideas and separate what was done from what was learned looks like the following description. Ask one partner to look at the other and take 30 seconds to discuss all the activities everyone "did" during class.  Then the conversation switches and the other partner who was silent.  The second partner has 30 more seconds to discuss all the content that was "learned" during the lesson today.  At the conclusion of this minute, take two to three minutes as a class to brainstorm on the board or on a sheet of poster paper that you can keep up during the unit all that was done and learned throughout the lesson.  


Homework: complete the rest of the questions on the handout "Lengths of Diagonal Line Segments."