Prepping for the Exam!

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SWBAT show what they know about computing with fractions,decimals, whole numbers, GCF, LCM, and the distributive property.

Big Idea

Practicing math problems is a great way to study for a math test!


15 minutes

I’m using a problem from Illustrative mathematics that drives home the meaning of multiplying and dividing with decimals.  The students will be required to place the decimal in the correct spot given the original whole number math fact.  This will be a good indication if the students can compute fluently.  Students should know where to place the decimal because of their knowledge of the standard algorithm.  If students are struggling, remind them to use their estimation skills, reverse the operation  or use their notes.

I’m anticipating that this will be a struggle for some students, especially the division.  To keep students working, have them partner up to share thoughts and ideas. 

Plane Derby

60 minutes

To properly review for our final assessment on number sense, I’m going to have the students engage in an activity called plane derby.  If you have access to a smart board, you can use a Koosh ball to throw at the screen to choose a problem.  If not, you can randomly choose students to pick problems and you can access them from your computer.  Each problem will be a review of content previously learned.  Students will work in groups, like Numbered Heads TogetherGroups will work independently at first, and then move to team time.  I will call a color to see the response of the group.  If the answer is correct, the plane moves up 1 spot.  If the answer is incorrect, the plane stays put.  The first team to the finish line is the winner.  All problems come with solutions.  If there is a particular problem that is stumping the kids, I will go over that problem with them immediately.  

This review covers both decimals and fractions.  Students will need to be reminded that it is encouraged to use a visual to represent their work.  I'm anticipating that the word problems will be difficult for students.  They struggle with deciding on what operation to use.  Students should be reminded to circle their key words, set up a visual, and use thier notes to help them figure out a solution.

Each problem in this activity will help students review for their assessment tomorrow.  The qusetions were chosen to support their learning and prepare them for this test. 


Closure + Homework

10 minutes

Because this is the day before an exam, I will be addressing any last minute concerns and questions.  Students will be receiving their study guide.  They should look through the study guide to determine if there is something they still don’t understand and should ask questions at that time.

Also, I will address any issues I discovered during the review activity.  Since the students will be working in groups, it gives me time to walk about the room to look for strategies and listen to conversations.  I use a clip board and take notes on strategies used and interesting information discussed.  I use this information in the closing of the lesson. 

Students should use their notes as a resource to help them review.  Point out to students that they should practice subtracting whole numbers and decimals and also dividing decimals by decimals.  These are standard algorithms, but students still forget to add zeros when subtracting and to move the decimal when dividing.