Dividing Integers, Getting Away From the Rules!

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SWBAT use algebra tiles to model dividing integers.

Big Idea

Students will appreciate learning why division works using algebra tiles to show how to solve division equations. Your math explorers will gain a deeper understanding of integers by escaping from memorization of rules and proving the process.

Direct Instruction/Note Taking

25 minutes

Direct Instruction: Get started on direct instruction right away.  The length of the video is 13 minutes.  You will also stop the video with each example to check for understanding.  This direct Instruction will approximately take 25 minutes. 

Use the teacher Guided notes for your direct instruction.  Students will use their interactive notebooks to write the important information during the direct instruction note taking. 

 Watch the Youtube Video on Multiplying and Dividing Integers with Models.


If you want to only focus on division start the video at 7 minutes 7 seconds.  If you want to focus on a review of multiplication then watch the video in its entirety. Stop the video with each example and check for understanding.  Example Questions can be, “Why are you grouping 6 total positives into 2 equal groups?  What in the equation tells you the total?  How will you determine if you are grouping positives and negatives?

Once you have delivered your direct instruction, allow the students to put to practice MP 3.  Give about 3 or 4 different example problems for students to solve.  Have the students solve the problems and discuss the process in solving the problems with one another.  Walk the room and listen for understanding as students compare how one another tackled each problem. 


15 minutes

Dividing Integers Student Activity

You will find example equations that you may opt to use for the task that were found on mathdrills.com.  Students should solve the equations by modeling.  Students will put into practice MP1, MP2, MP4, MP5, and MP6. They will need to show their work on a separate sheet of paper.  Using unshaded and shaded squares, or plus and minus symbols.  I would assign no more than 10 problems for the in class assignment.  You may use the same resource to assign more problems for homework. 




1 minutes

For the homework, you may opt to choose a few more probelms from the mathdrills resource that was used for the student practice section.  Instruct students to model each of the problems you assign.  Please note, MP1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 are in practice when students use the strategy and are asked to model finding the quotients.  Remember, we are getting away from the memory of the rules.