End of Grade Review - Scale Drawings

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Students will be able to use proportional relationships to calculate scale and actual measurements.

Big Idea

How far is it to Grandma’s house? It looks like 2 inches on the map…


10 minutes

Opener:  As students enter the room, they will immediately pick up and begin working on the opener. Please see my instructional strategy clip for how openers work in my classroom (Instructional Strategy - Process for openers).  This method of working and going over the opener lends itself to allow students to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, which is mathematical practice 3.  

Learning Target:  After completion of the opener, I will address the day’s learning targets to the students.  In today’s lesson, the intended target is, “I can apply proportional reasoning to solve scale drawing problems.”  Students will jot the learning target down in their agendas (our version of a student planner, there is a place to write the learning target for every day). 


55 minutes

Notes: I will begin the lesson by recapping key ideas with scale drawings - how to set up the rate, dimensions, and area/perimeter.  For each key idea I have one or two example problems that I will have students try with their table.  Following the notes, students will flip over their paper and engage in 6 practice questions with their table mates, and I will choose students to go to the board and show their work.

Following the practice, and depending on the time, I will have students work in table groups to answer sample test questions.  These questions, however, are a mixture of all topics we have reviewed so far - not just scale drawings.  These problems are also on a handout which I will give for Homework.  I have put them in the smart file starting with the last question, so each one we get done in class will be one less they have to complete on their own.


2 minutes