End of Grade Review - The Number System

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Students will be able to apply rules for operating with all signed rational numbers.

Big Idea

Put away that calculator, and turn on your brain!


10 minutes

OpenerAs students enter the room, they will immediately pick up and begin working on the opener – Instructional Strategy - Process for openers.  This method of working and going over the opener lends itself to allow students to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, which is mathematical practice 3.

Learning Target: After completion of the opener, I will address the day’s learning targets to the students.  In today’s lesson, the intended target is, “I can solve problems using operations with fractions.”  Students will jot the learning targets down in their agendas (our version of a student planner, there is a place to write the learning target for every day). 


55 minutes

Number System Review:  As a way to review working with signed numbers, students will be split into 4 groups, and given a sock, white board, and a marker (red, blue, black, or green).  Their marker color will be their team color.  Students will work with their group to complete problems pertaining to working with rational numbers, and groups that are successful will spin for points after each problem.


2 minutes