Probability Test

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Students will be able to demonstrate their abilities to calculate probability.

Big Idea

See the fruits of your labor! Students will demonstrate their abilities to determine if a sample is biased or unbiased and make predictions.


10 minutes


45 minutes

Probability TestToday students will take the Probability Test, utilizing Mastery Connect. As with any test, students will have to persevere with the problems to come up with a solution (MP 1).  Some problems will require students to reason abstractly (MP 2), while others will require students to model probability (MP 4).  It's a test, so precision is important! (MP 6)


2 minutes

Prep for End of Year Review: As a summary to this lesson, I am asking that kids make me a list of topics they feel like they need to review from the year.  I have a vocabulary wall in the back of my room that contains not just vocabulary terms, learning targets as well – so I am going to ask students to look over that board and give me feedback on what they feel like they need to review before our upcoming state exam.